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Looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet? No matter what your reasons are for adding more plant-based food, there are lots of references to get you started! Below are lists of pledges, starter-kits, and guides to help you begin and continue incorporating more leafy greens, legume,s and grains. Already pledged to add more plant-based foods, or already started using a kit or guide? Take our survey to let us know how the pledge is going and how the kits or guides helped you along the way.


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IDA Pledge 


Vegan Society Pledge

By Any Greens Necessary


Starter Kits/ Guides

Use these helpful kits and guides to provide recipes, shopping ideas, and pantry recommendations as you add more plant-based foods into your diet.


Vegetarian Starter Kit (en Español)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

By Any Greens Necessary

Brown Vegan

Go Vegan

Mercy for Animals Veg Kit

VegNews Go Veg Guide 

IVA Starter Kit 

Vegan Outreach Starter Pack

Vegan Australia Guide

Action for Animals Help Animals (Spanish) 

Vegan Outreach Guide (Spanish)

Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet (Zen Habits)

A Guide to Restaurants in Texas (Lone Star Plate)

A Guide to Restaurants and Food Stores in Austin (Lazy Smurf’s Guide)

A Guide to Restaurants and Food Stores Across the Nation and Abroad (Happy Cow)

A Guide to Veg and Animal Related Groups in Texas (Lone Star Plate)

VegFund also has a fantastic compilation of starter kits and pledges that can be found here: