Animal Welfare

There are many ways individuals and families can take action to help animals in their everyday lives. Volunteering, incorporating more cruelty-free products into your life, adding more plant-based food into your diet, and staying informed on how animals are treated. Clink on each banner below to be directed to a list of all the many ways YOU can help animals starting today!


Animal Sanctuaries, Rescues, and Rehabs in Texas

Looking to volunteer? Here is a thorough lost of Texas-based sanctuaries, rescues, rehabs, and shelters that all need YOUR help.




Vegan Pledges

Looking to incorporate more plan-based food into your life? Want to make a pledge to start today? Need a guide to help you with ideas, or a starter-kit to help you with recipes? Here is a list of various pledges, guides, and kits to help you begin incorporating more plant-based foods today!


Cruelty-Free Products

Looking to help animals everyday? Here is a list of cruelty-free product list available. From cleaning to camping supplies, these lists offer ways you can help animals in almost every avenue of your life!





Educational Literature on the Ethics of the Conditions Animal are Kept In

Stay informed on the conditions animals in farms, zoos, and labs are kept in.