Texas does have a health problem, but management is possible by staying informed, eating healthier foods, and exercising, we can help get our health on track, for Texas and beyond!


Rankings and Data

Americas Health Rankings  (United Health Foundation)

Texas Health Data and Facts (Texas Department of State Health Services)

Diabetes State Data (Texas Department of State Health Services)

State of Obesity – State of Obesity Across the US  (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Health Data and Statistics Nations and State-wide (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)


Health Conditions

Bone Benefits of Soy (International Osteoporosis Foundation)

Plant-based Diets and Blood Pressure  (Harvard)

Plant-based Diets and Blood Pressure (JAMA Internal Medicine)

 Health Topics (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

Health Condition Fact Sheets (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Resources for Health Conditions (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) 

Plant-based Health Database (Nutrition Facts)

Vitamins and Minerals – How Much Do I Need and Where Do I Get It? (Nutrition Secrets)

Daily Needs (Vegan Health)

Nutrition Guide The Vegetarian Resource Group

Healthy Weight (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Obesity Prevention (Texas Department of State Health Services)

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services