About Texas Veg Foundation

What is Texas Veg Foundation’s mission?

Texas Veg Foundation is a federal 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate Texans through public activities, events, and educational outreach about the benefits of a plant-based diet as a way to improve health, preserve the environment, and protect animals.

Who is the Texas Veg Foundation?

The Texas Veg Foundation is a four member volunteer group of vegans living in Austin, Texas working to provide educational resources and events on the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of plant-based diets.

What type of nonprofit is Texas Veg Foundation?

Texas Veg Foundation is a federally recognized educational nonprofit organization. 

When did Texas Veg Foundation incorporate?

Texas Veg Foundation incorporated in July 2011.

Why was Texas Veg Foundation created?

Texas is home to some of the higher diabetes and heart disease rates of the country, ranking 34th in cardiovascular deaths; 33rd in diabetes

Texas is also the top cattle producing state in the United States. These same factory farms that have such a heavy toll on our environment and on our health also place animals in unacceptable conditions of crowding that don’t allow animals to walk, stretch their limbs, or even turn around.

With these numbers, we created Texas Veg Foundation to provide more access to educational information focusing on the benefits of plant-based diets so we can combat the current data in our communities and build a healthier, more sustainable and compassionate Texas. To find more about Texas health, environmental, and animal welfare date, head here: www.txveg.org/currenteducation.

Where is Texas Veg Foundation located?

The home office of the foundation is in Austin, Texas!

Our mailing address is :

PO BOX 66292

Austin, TX 78766

Who is on the Board of Directors, and where are they from?

Texas Veg Foundation is ran by a four member volunteer group of vegans living in Austin, Texas. The foundation includes a president, a secretary, and two directors. 

Who is the Registered Agent?

Molly Frisinger is the secretary for Texas Veg Foundation. You may reach her at info@txveg.org.

Molly lives in Austin, Texas and is an long-time active member of the vegan community sharing her favorite recipes and more on her blog Lonestar Plate!

Who is the acting President for Texas Veg Foundation?

The acting President is Adrienne Lusk. She may be reached at info@txveg.org or at (512)650-8343.

Adrienne lives in Austin, Texas and is an experienced event organizer with a history of merging music and vegan events!

Who else is on the Texas Veg Foundation Board of Directors?

Ross Abel – Design Director

Ross is a staple of the Austin vegan community, connecting most of us through the Vegans Rock Austin website!

Peter Hansen – Fundraising Director

Peter is experienced in corporate law. He’s also an experienced musician!

How does Texas Veg Foundation make and spend its money? 

Texas Veg Foundation collects donations through our Texas Veg Foundation and Texas VegFest website. We also collect funds through our annual flagship event, Texas VegFest. Texas Veg Foundation will begin fundraisers in 2019 to help fund our volunteer workdays, Texas VegFest activities, and create more dynamic fundraisers.

Collecting through Texas VegFest

Texas VegFest is free to the public. Our participation fees from sponsors, vendors, nonprofits, and interactive booths help cover the majority of our budget.

Texas VegFest also collects public donations at the entrance and provides a festival Thank You bag to the first 2,000 donors. Our team also sells our official festival shirts designed by Herbivore Clothing Co., as well as local craft beer. 

These collections allow us just enough money to put towards the following year’s event. 

What monies are usually left over at the end of the year, and where does it go?

Our annual Texas VegFest funds and individual donations currently allow just enough for us to put towards next year’s venue deposit for Texas VegFest. There are no paid foundation board members at this time.

Are there public meetings available, and can I attend?

Texas Veg Foundation does not currently host public meetings. Keep posted on this page to find out is we have an open meeting in the future. Our meetings usually discuss the foundation’s annual goals, agenda, important dates, mission, and finances.

Does Texas Veg Foundation host elections? May I attend? 

At this time we do not currently host public elections. Keep posted on this page to find out if we have open elections in the future.

Form Requests

Texas Veg Foundation’s records, bylaws, 990, Conflict of Interest Policy available upon request to the registered agent, Molly Frisinger; info@txveg.org.

The registered agent addresses all requests within 24 business hours. Request being mailed are charged a $0.20 per page fee, as per the Federal Information Act. Record fees are payable prior to shipment.