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We are the Texas Veg Foundation, a volunteer organization whose mission is to educate Texans through public activities, events, and educational outreach about the benefits of a plant-based diet as a way to improve health, preserve the environment, and protect animals. Texas Veg Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose main outreach event is the Texas VegFest which takes place annually in the spring, in Austin, Texas.


The Challenge

We’d like to challenge the notion that Texas is one of the unhealthiest states in the nation:

The Resolution

To fight these numbers, Texas Veg Foundations annually hosts Texas VegFest, an large-scale, free public-education event that provides educational lectures, cooking demos, youth activities, community outreach, food samples, and volunteer networking all focusing on the benefits of plant-based diets.

Here we’ve shared a wealth of resources to help individuals and families resolve the serious issues on health, environmental impact, and and animal welfare: