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Texas Veg Foundation host a variety of events to help demonstrate the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of a plant-based diet! We’ve recently launched two new events to add to our annual roster, next to Texas VegFest!

Our goal through 2019 is to host a variety of events each focusing on different aspects of our overall mission. The Texas VegFest is, and will continue to be, our main/ largest event of the year, however we’ve added a few extra yearly events to help raise funds, network with volunteers, work more with our communities, and further our ability to reach as many people as possible on the benefits of plant-based diets. Take a look at our events below!

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Texas VegFest

Annual event, eight years running! Click the icon below o get all the details you need about Texas VegFest!

Volunteer Network Events

We’ve recently launched our volunteer network events which focus on strengthening our relationship with our communities. Each month we host a work day alternating between a community garden and an animal sanctuary. The network events allows our long list of volunteer from throughout the years to reconnect, discuss related issues, and work closely with local organization to strengthen our communities. To sign up to be a part of the next volunteer work day, click the image below! 

Texas Veg Foundation Fundraisers

Newly launched annual fundraisers will occur in the fall and spring of each year. Fundraisers will range from film screenings, cook-offs, and a variety of other events. Our fundraiser event page provides all the current details on our fundraiser events. Monies raised during fundraiser events go towards annual expenses for Texas VegFest, volunteer network event resources, educational literature and information for all of our events, and resources to work more closely with our communities with our community garden and animal sanctuary work days.  To find our more, click the image below!